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Teddyville Museum Batu Ferringhi: a history of Penang by teddies

Teddyville Museum Batu Ferringhi: a history of Penang by teddies

If you’ve heard about the Penang Teddyville Museum in Batu Ferringhi, you might be wondering whether it’s just a place to visit with young kids. After all, as cute as teddy bears can be, do they really justify a museum all to themselves?

As it turns out, this clever (and deceptively large) museum at the DoubleTree Resort is much more than just a collection of teddy bears and actually has something to offer everyone, especially if you’re interested in the history of Penang.

Where is the Teddyville Museum?

Teddyville Museum is located inside the DoubleTree Resort Penang, in Batu Ferringhi. The museum is on the same level as the reception and lobby area, and where you’ll get dropped off by your Grab taxi.

If you prefer to use public transport, the 101 and 102 buses making their way between Bayan Lepas and Teluk Bahang stop outside on the main road, leaving a short (but uphill) walk to the hotel.

entrance to Teddyville Museum at DoubleTree Hilton Penang

Entry fees and opening times

The Teddyville museum is open every day of the year, from 9am to 6pm.

The entry fees are RM32 for adults, RM26 for students, and RM20 for kids under 12.

What to expect?

The museum is dedicated to teddy bears, with hundreds of examples of these cute and cuddly creatures. The unique aspect of the design is that it’s not just about teddy bears, it’s also about the history of Penang (and Malaysia) told via the teddy bears. You’ll see displays depicting Penang’s most famous sites, e.g. Kek Lok Si Temple, George Town UNESCO Heritage Area, Fort Cornwallis, and Penang Hill.

The detail and design of the teddy bears is intricate and manages to enhance the displays and dioramas, meaning adults and kids alike will always find something of interest. The information boards are well-written and explain different periods of Penang’s history, including pre-colonial, the arrival of the British, WWII, and modern-day.

For genuine teddy bear enthusiasts, there are plenty of examples of teddy bears from over a hundred years ago, plus descriptions of their history and why they became so popular throughout the world. It’s fascinating to see how the design and shape of the teddy bears has evolved over the years.

Is it just for kids?

Despite it feeling like it should be a kid-only museum, the Teddyville museum genuinely offers something for all ages, particularly if you’re a big kid at heart and finds these cute bears adorable. Lurking behind the teddy bear façade, lies a well-laid out and researched museum which highlights the best of Penang and its history. It’s as if a tourist brochure has sprung to life, populated by teddy bears.

There are kid-focused sections of course, and kids will probably get more out of a visit than your average adult. At the end of the museum there’s a gift shop (full of teddies, surprisingly), with a couple of claw-machines waiting to take your money before you leave.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a different perspective on Penang, and fancy a group of teddy bears leading the way, then a visit to the Teddyville Museum Penang is well worth an hour of your time.

Its location at the DoubleTree Resort is ideal if you’re staying at the hotel, but it’s also very well placed for Batu Ferringhi (another Teddyville museum is planned for George Town soon), and makes for a cute, informative activity during your visit to Penang.