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Your ultimate guide to exploring Penang

Your ultimate guide to exploring Penang

Launching later in 2024, On Penang will be the go-to online resource for your visit to the beautiful island of Penang in Malaysia. With its unique fusion of cultures, people, religions, cuisine and nature, Penang has long been a favourite for travellers from Malaysia, Southeast Asia and beyond.

Whether you’re visiting as a family, backpacker, retired couple, or sole traveller, there’s something for everyone on Penang and you’re in the right place to start planning your trip.

Start your Penang travel research here with these top posts:

Georgetown, Penang

Things to do in Penang

Wondering what to do in Penang? Whether you’re seeking adventure, or need to relax and unwind, here we provide a detailed guide to all the things to do in Penang, so that you can get the most out of your visit. From heritage landmarks to epic viewpoints, we’ve got you covered.

aerial view of Penang Island

Top 10 tips for visiting Penang

We know that you will want to make the most out of your visit to Penang and it’s worthwhile noting the advice of travellers to Penang before you. We’ve travelled to Penang multiple times (our first visit was back in 2007) and now we live here. So here we share our top 10 tips for visiting Penang.

Clan Jetties, Penang

One day Penang itinerary

For such a small patch of land, Penang Island squeezes in enough sights and activities to keep you occupied for a lifetime. So what’s the best approach to visiting Penang if you only have one day to spare?

Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang

Best hotels in Penang

For those seeking a sprinkling of luxury and convenience for their visit, here we feature the best hotels in Penang. Especially if it’s your first visit and you’re wondering where to stay in Penang, a hotel or resort provides a calm and relaxing oasis away from the hustle and bustle

Trishaw in Penang

How to get around Penang

Penang an easy island to get around, helped by the fact that most of the sights are concentrated in the northern and eastern parts of the island. This post details how to get around Penang as well as the easiest way.

Chew Jetty, Penang

A brief history of Penang

Penang’s location on the northwest coast of Malaysia, at the intersection of numerous cultures, countries, and trade routes, has always shaped its history. From a small island integral to regional trade, a strategic European possession to be fought over, to its recent history as a post-independence Malaysian success story, Penang’s fortunes have constantly changed throughout the years.

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