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Emergency numbers and contacts in Penang

Emergency numbers and contacts in Penang

If you need an ambulance or the police in Penang, tourists can dial 999 (or 112 from mobile phones) for Malaysian General Emergency Services. For other, less urgent numbers, please read on and have your notebook handy.

It’s worthwhile being prepared for your visit to Penang in case of an emergency. No one plans for accidents, but having the right information at hand is extremely handy at time-critical emergencies.

It’s also imperative to have travel insurance that covers medical emergencies and hospitalization while travelling in Malaysia, as medical expenses can be costly should the worst happen during your trip.

So please note the following numbers down somewhere handy, or even better, memorise them.

We are continually adding to this list of resources. Please drop us an email if you are aware of any other emergency numbers that should be on our list of emergency contacts in Penang.

Is Penang safe?

Penang is a safe place to visit and you’ll find the vast majority of people to be friendly and welcoming with your chances of encountering an incident of violent crime extremely rare.

As with all major cities, it always pays to keep an eye out for pickpockets if you’re in a crowded place such as the Jetty bus station or Batu Ferringhi night markets.

Perhaps the biggest risk you’ll encounter is the occasional health and safety ‘contravention’, with exposed wires, broken footpaths and missing railings all part of the experience. With a little care and perspective though, these won’t case you many problems.

Emergency Services in Penang

There is a warning for abusing the emergency number 999 in Malaysia. A person can be charged and fined RM50,000 or sentenced to 1 year in prison or both if convicted of a false emergency call to 999.

Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba)994
Tourist Police Hotline03 2149 6590

Travel Services And Government Agencies

Tourism Malaysia Tourist Information Centre at Penang International Airport +60 4-262 2093
Malaysian Customs +60 4-262 2300
Malaysian Immigration+60 4-643 0352 / +60 4-643 2285
Quarantine & Health Department+60 4-638 0209 / +60 4-645 3572
Penang International Airport+60 4-252 0252
Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal (near Penang Bridge)+60 10-963 9547

Penang Hospitals

Penang General Hospital+60 4-222 5333
Gleneagles Hospital Penang+60 4-222 9111
Pantai Hospital Penang+60 4-643 3888
Penang Adventist Hospital+60 4-222 7200
Island Hospital+60 4-238 3388
Lam Wah Ee Hospital+60 4-652 8888
Georgetown Specialist Hospital+60 4-827 5118

Consulates and Embassies

British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur
(there is no British consulate in Penang)
+60 3-2170 2200
Embassy of the United States of America
(there is no United States consulate in Penang)
Australian Consulate in Penang+60 4-226 8955
Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Penang
Danish Consulate in Penang+60 4-262 4886
Canadian Consulate in Penang+60 4-389 3300
Consulate Of The Netherlands+60 4-261 0891