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MST Golf Arena REVIEW: play virtual golf in Penang

MST Golf Arena REVIEW: play virtual golf in Penang

Do you like the idea of a round of golf but don’t fancy walking around in the Penang heat? Perhaps you’re new to the sport and want to see what all the fuss is about? Or are you looking for a fantastic indoor activity in Penang? Either way, MST Golf Arena in Gurney Paragon Mall is a fun, inexpensive, and air-conditioned activity for all ages and abilities.

You honestly don’t need to worry if you’ve never played golf as there are lessons and clubs available or, for non-playing members of your party, a chance to sit back and enjoy some food or drink.

Where to find MST Golf Arena Penang

MST Golf Arena is located on Level 3 of Gurney Paragon Mall. If you need any golfing supplies before you go in, there’s a branch of MST Golf Superstore right next door.

How much is it and do you need to book?

There are three different types of golfing experience at MST Golf Arena. Prices per hour start from:

  • Tech Bay: RM60/RM70 weekday/weekends
  • PuttView Zone: RM40/RM50 weekday/weekends
  • Deluxe Suite: RM120/140 weekday/weekends

There’s also 50% off on Mondays.

Booking is recommended but only really needed if you’re visiting during a busy period, in particular Sundays. Book via the official website or when you arrive.

One-on-one coaching sessions are also available; enquire directly with the staff for more details.

What to expect

The main activity visitors tend to use are the Tech Bays, of which there are twenty available. You can choose to either play one of the many available courses, practice on a driving range, or play other fun games.

The courses are exact replicas of real courses around the world, so you’re (sort of) playing the real thing. The technology behind them is a launch monitor which observes each shot you’ve hit and measures a bewildering array of values including lateral spin, ball speed, clubhead speed, direction and launch angle. Based on this data, it can accurately calculate where your ball would have travelled and displays the result on the screen in front of you, all in real-time.

Note that you use real clubs and balls, so the effect is quite accurate to real life. There is a seating area for each bay, allowing your party to sit, have some drinks and cheer/criticise your golf game.

The PuttView technology is very much state of the art, allowing you to practice your putting with some/most of the guesswork taken out of the equation. One of the challenges of putting in real life is the large amount of variables involved; the PuttView technology helps with those and lets you focus on your putting stroke. It’s more for the serious players, but can be fun for newcomers too.

If you want some privacy and a more personal experience, you can also use the Deluxe Bays which are in their own room with comfier seats etc.

What to bring with you

If you’re a more serious golfer, you can bring all of your own equipment. We saw some people with proper golfing shoes, a full set of clubs, and their own balls.

For more casual players, it’s perfectly fine to turn up with no equipment at all as you can borrow a full set of clubs, free of charge. Balls are also provided for each bay. We would advise bringing suitable footwear (e.g. trainers), as it’ll make the golf that much easier, although some people play bare foot.

Eating and drinking at MST Golf Arena Penang

There’s a full-size bar at MST Golf Arena, with a selection of beers, spirits, wine and soft drinks. The TEE Box restaurant offers an extensive menu of international style food, check out the menu here.

Is it MST Golf Arena Penang good for kids?

Yes, kids are welcome at MST Golf Arena and can even borrow junior sized clubs. Do keep in mind that golf is a very difficult game to play when you’re starting out, so don’t expect kids to just turn up and immediately be whacking the ball miles and miles straightaway. Ideally, they’d have played beforehand to get the most out of it, but that applies to adults as well of course.

Final thoughts on MST Golf Arena Penang

Golf can be a challenging sport, even more so when you head out onto a proper course for the first time. MST Golf Arena offers a fun-filled and accessible place to play a ‘real’ course in a completely relaxed and fun environment, all in the air-conditioned comfort of Gurney Paragon Mall.

If you fancy practicing your golf game without walking too far, and also need some food and drink to keep you motivated, MST Golf Arena ticks all the boxes.